Win the Fight Against Termites by contacting Eagle Pest Control

All it takes is professional termite treatment in El Paso, TX

You take pride in your property - whether it's a home or retail store. You don't want to risk serious damage to your space because of a termite infestation. Luckily, Eagle Pest Control offers termite treatment for all breeds in El Paso, TX.

First, we'll complete a thorough termite inspection. Our pros know where termites like to hide, so we can provide an accurate assessment. We'll also look for signs of termite damage around wood structures. Once you've approved your free estimate, we'll get started. Spraying usually involves drilling or trenching. If you prefer a less invasive technique, we can plan a different treatment.

After your initial treatment, we'll return for annual checkups to make sure your bugs don't come back. Consult a termite inspection expert in El Paso, TX today to set up your appointment.

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Your wood structures are at risk

Termites are especially harmful because they eat wood. Ignoring an infestation could lead to serious damage to your:

  • Wood furniture
  • Window and door frames
  • Wall interiors

If you want to protect your belongings, you'll need a termite treatment as soon as possible. Speak with an exterminator now by calling 915-772-3131.