Keep Your Family Safe From Scorpion Stings

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Scorpions can be a serious problem in the El Paso, TX area, especially during the summer months. These pests seek shelter from the hot sun, and they may even find their way into your air-conditioned home. No one wants to have to deal with these dangerous arachnids. Fortunately, Eagle Pest Control is here to help.

As a preferred pest control company in El Paso, TX and surrounding areas, we offer prompt and effective scorpion removal services. Schedule an appointment today to keep your family safe from harmful pests.

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3 signs that you've been stung by a scorpion

While not typically deadly, scorpion stings can cause serious problems. Three of the most common symptoms include:

Localized swelling

In extreme cases, you may even experience vomiting or trouble breathing. You can't afford to put off scorpion removal services. Call today to partner with your local pest control professionals.