How Can You Approach Roach Problems?

Ask a cockroach exterminator from Eagle Pest Control in El Paso, TX

While many bugs are annoying, cockroaches can make you feel like your entire property is dirty. While this isn't the case, you'll still need cockroach removal and elimination services to feel more comfortable in your space. Eagle Pest Control can help. We bait and spray for roaches in El Paso, TX.

Our cockroach exterminator will meet with you to discuss your needs and preferences. We can assess your space and identify signs of infestations, including droppings. We'll then create a custom solution for your home or business and provide a free estimate. You can start with a one-time service and schedule more treatments as needed.

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Innovative solutions custom to your needs

While we only use safe cockroach removal techniques, you may prefer to keep pesticides out of your building. If so, we'll use a glue board to trap roaches, instead. This is an example of integrated pest management (IPM). These techniques are effective and environmentally sensitive.

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